Should I Send My Child for Tuition?


The school follows a strict schedule on when they need to complete the syllabus. In a class setting, students will have a different learning pace. Hence, some students who may not be a fast learner, may not be able to catch up in class.

Hence, your child may need to attend tuition classes to clarify some concepts and be on track again. We have compiled some warning signs that your child may need tuition for extra help.

Your Child Needs Supervision

Sometimes your child needs more personal attention. However, you are busy with your work so you do not have the time to check your child’s homework and follow up with his/her progress in school.

On top of that, if your child is not independent and needsconstant reminders to complete his/her homework and do regular revision, you will need a tutor. Many times, children will need someone to motivate and assign them homework, otherwise, they will not do any revisions.

During one to one tuition sessions, it also creates a more safe environment for your child to ask questions. If your child is afraid to clarify concepts in class or approach the teacher when necessary, a private tuition session will be easier for your child to clear any doubts. This is important to build a strong foundation for any subject.

Your Child has Bad Results

If your child has consistently achieved a bad result in school examination, it is a sign for you to start looking for primary school tuition Singapore for your child. There may be concepts that your child is unclear of and when this is not addressed quickly, the misconceptions of the subjects may pile up, creating more problems in the future.

A tutor will be able to assess your child’s progress and identify the areas that your child will need to focus on. This will help to improve your child’s results and your child can also pick up new study skills from the tutor that can help to improve his/her memory work.

Not Confident with Subject

If your child is not confident in a subject, it is a sign to hire a private tutor. A private tutor can help to improve your child’s confidence with encouragement. Your child’s confidence will also increase when he/she is more familiar with the subject after doing more practice.

After he/she grasped the concepts and answering techniques, seeing the ticks on the practice paper will help to boost your child’s confidence in the subject. This will also develop your child’s interest in the subjects.

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