Top 6 resources for pre-schoolers


There are many parents today who are still in the favour of home schooling. There is nothing wrong with teaching your child at home, however, at times it becomes difficult to give the same type of energy and time every day. For parents who are unable to give their children enough time and attention they should also prefer going for going to a proper school. It is best option for children whose parents are both working.

Here are some of the best resources that will be helpful for parents to teach their children at home

Internet is the best resource for keeping up with the coursework and the learning of your children.
Some of the resources might even require for you to work. These resources are not only simple and easy to adopt but they are also very fun to learn from. They are great for keeping up with the classwork and learning new things every day. It will also enable your children to learn perform better in the class.  Read more here

Fluency in reading

At this age most of the focus is given on reading and speaking. The focus is not on the writing part. Therefore, all efforts must be done in improving the reading and the speaking skills. The vocabulary building is best at this time as well. This is the high time to develop their skill which will keep on improving later in the years.
Once reading is improved to all the skills will improve gradually. Spreeder is a great program for this purpose. This helps to learn English reading faster and more fluently. It also helps to change the problems that you and your children might be facing. The program is completely free to use. Other resources like this are mostly free or you have to pay a very minimal price for it. They also give you the freedom to copy and paste any kind of text. It can be either from the children’s book to your recipe. The kids will enjoy it and use it as a game.

Virtual music teacher

There are many facilities that your kids might need that might be either unavailable or not provided by the school. You do not have to keep your child away from any kind of activity that they might be interested in. Nowadays, with the advent of the internet things have become very connected and available for the people. You can now get yourself a trainer for teaching your children music. Moreover, these music teachers offer completely free. You can go with the lessons according to your own will and pace. We have all heard of the one strict music teacher that are slightly rough on the kids that might make the children run from the thing that they love doing. Making a child scared from learning might be tough and scary for them in the future. The best way to learn an instrument online is to always make them learn with the headphones on. This gives precision and it also does not disturb the family.

Learning a new language

Learning a new language is a great deal. Most of the parents want their children to be bilingual. However, it is very tough doing it on your own especially if you want fluency. The best option is to go for DuoLingo. It is the best online tool that will help them to learn a language other than the mother tongue. The best part is that this online tool is available for free. This is also the best age to make your children learn from home. Moreover, the program is mostly designed to make it look fun and user friendly. Therefore, you can even get access to it from your phone. You do not even need a computer or a laptop all the time, you just need a good internet connection. Visit Website.

Access to the whole curriculum

The whole curriculum is available for the parents to get access to so that they can get fully prepared for what is coming up in the course. This is the best option as it will enable the child to be ready for the upcoming lessons. This is also available online and most of the courses that are available are followed the same way throughout.

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