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These are just a few reasons that would make you look for a new job. Following a course is the first step to boost your career. But how further after completing your education? In this article we provide tips on finding a job after completing your education. You can go for  jobs near me now.

Find A Job That Suits You

This may sound like an open door, but look for a job that suits you and especially a workplace that suits you. So go for a job that naturally matches your competencies and core qualities. In this way you ensure that you enjoy your work and that you feel happy. That is very important within your working life.

Prevent Gaps In The Cv And Stay Active

Are you in between two jobs? Then make sure you stay active! Of course you demonstrate that you are active by following our training courses, but you might also be able to do relevant voluntary work. In this way you show your new employer that you are motivated and that you are willing to invest in yourself.

What are you good at? And more importantly: what do you like to do? Consider well in advance where your qualities are and what you enjoy doing. Also consider what kind of company you would like to work for and in which region you would like to fulfill this function. This way you can look for a job more focused.

Use your network

A large part of the new jobs is still found via. Almost a quarter of the 1.3 million Dutch people who changed jobs in 2017 found a new job through their network. The effect of social media in finding a job is also increasing. This appears from a study by the Intelligence Group. Check whether family, friends or acquaintances still know a suitable position. Your network knows exactly what you are doing and there is a good chance that they will immediately think of you if a suitable position becomes available. You can go for jobs near me now and come up with the best deals.

Consult an intermediary

Employment agencies are still a widely used intermediary when looking for a new job. They belong to the top 3 most important channels that help you in your job search. Sometimes you are flooded with vacancies and you no longer see the forest for the trees; an employment agency forms the link between you and the labor market and helps you to find the right job.

A distinctive resume

Make sure your resume is personal, professional and up to date. When a CV contains all relevant training, work experiences, qualities and skills, a company gets a better picture of you as an employee. Therefore always send your resume with you, even if this is not requested. View these tips for creating a professional resume . An extra tip: also post your resume on a job site. In this way you are easier to find for companies.

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