7 Rules and Tips to Consider When Entering Writing Contests


To succeed in the writing contest, writers must follow some basic rules and tips. Every competition requires participants to follow simple rules. By breaking every rule, the contestant’s chance of success will slowly diminish. Thus, before starting the competition, be acquitted with its rules and juror’s expectations. Listed are the rules and tips to consider when entering writing contests.


Before entering any contest, it is wise to carry out thorough research on it. While researching, verify if the competition is legitimate. Scams are masquerading as legitimate free writing contests. The organizers of such scams are interested in duping unsuspecting writers. Duped writers have lost hope of taking part in any other contest. Avoid such a case by thoroughly researching the competitions.

Entry Instructions 

Every competition has entry instructions that must be followed by writers. These instructions determine what contestants should consider when writing. It is vital to cautiously and slowly read the entry instructions. Pay attention to every detail. Keep in mind jurors receive thousands of submissions. Hence, they will lack the patience to read contents that were not drafted based on the given instructions.

Topics/Subject Matter 

While picking a contest, ensure its topic or subject area is comfortable for you. When you are interested in a topic, it is easier to get new ideas. Thus, you will have more information to reach the required word limit. However, you can also tackle a topic that requires a little research. That will allow you to learn something new in the free writing competitions.

Participation Age 

Irrespective of your level of skill in writing, you do not qualify to participate in every competition. That is because organizers have an age limit for contests. Some writing contests are organized for kids and students. Anyone that surpasses the stated age limit will be denied entry. That is vital because competitions have a different set of rules for every age group.

Personal Information 

Fill in your personal information when entering competitions and countercheck. When assessing the submitted work, jurors will also check the personal information. Any work that cannot be traced to its writer will be disqualified. Such a simple mistake can cost a writer the prize. Make sure your personal information for the free writing contests is accurate.

Submission Methods 

Organizers will give clear direction on how the writers are supposed to submit their work. It is advisable to use any of the listed submission methods. In some contests, organizers can demand PDF files or a hard copy. In this case, always select a more favorable option for you. Sending PDF files is more effective. You can confirm if the file has been delivered to the right email address.


Writers ought to consider if the competition is open for people from every geographical location. Organizers of free writing competitions can demand submissions from writers coming from a specific location. Writers from other parts will be disqualified immediately. If you are not a writer from that location, do not waste time and resources to submit your work.

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