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The University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi is one of the prestigious and successful educational institutions in the Bicol region. It is currently located in the City of Legazpi which has two campuses. The students enrolled thereof are known as ‘Thomasians’ inculcated with high moral principles and ethical values centered in the teachings of Christ.

As part of the school’s vision, UST-Legazpi aims to provide a holistic form of development for every student. It shall not only mold the mental skills, but also the spiritual areas to become a better individual.

With the proficient and effective curriculum programs, UST-Legazpi soars higher by producing competent and skilled graduates that can help in nation-building. For the past years, it made a notch in licensure examinations which is essential.

If you are thinking where to enroll for the next semester, then it’s time to become a Thomasian. UST-Legazpi is a place of excellence. You can seek for further details, such as the UST tuition fee, if interested.

For now, here’s a short guide you shouldn’t miss.

Quality Learning In All Educational Levels

UST-Legazpi ensures that from primary to tertiary level, the quality of learning is at par with the other excellent academic standards both in national and local spheres. It seeks to provide the best interests of the students and as well as cater to their needs.

Adhering to the policies of both the Department of Education and Commission on Higher Education, the UST-Legazpi administrators likewise have educators that are with great expertise. The effective delivery of instructional materials is one among other things that are deemed necessary.

Take the senior high school bicol of UST-Legazpi as a significant example.

Renowned University

In the Bicol region, UST-Legazpi is one of the renowned educational institutions. As a Dominican university, it has provided long years of Christ-centered teaching to various Bicolano students which formed part of the history today.

Apart from bicol university, what sets UST-Legazpi apart is its religious focus on development. Over the decades of teaching, Thomasians have witnessed transformation in their lives as soon as they graduate and serve the country.

Many have been recognized for their exemplary performance or contributions which is a result of training and effective teaching.

Offers More Programs

Additionally, UST-Legazpi offers a wide array of programs for further studies beyond the tertiary level. It is through the UST Center for Continuing Education that professionals are given opportunities to excel in their respective fields through the conduct of research.

These programs are significant to the continuous academic pursuit. UST-Legazpi provides highly esteemed professors for masters and doctoral degrees in the Graduate School, and in the College of Law.

Recently, many of its produced graduates in the law school passed the Bar Examination which is another proud moment for the institution.

Final Word

These are significant details about UST-Legazpi that you should take note. If you are planning to enroll, this can serve as your brief overview. There are more details yet to know about the institution. It’s best to experience and witness the quality education for yourself.

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