The importance of drama lessons in schools


Drama is one aspect of school that not every student enjoys but is something that should be explored throughout their academic life. It gives him the chance to explore different themes and learn to express themselves whilst growing resilience. It also comes along with many benefits which should be utilised by children. In this guide from a performing arts school in Barnet, we will be looking at the importance of drama lessons in schools.

Drama teaches children about different cultures. It incorporates different themes, traditions and cultures, many which may have already been studied in English lessons which will give children a good head start. Being aware of different cultures and their own struggles can be a great way to put things into perspective for young children. It also shows them how vast the world is and how the future can change very quickly.

It teaches children how to communicate well. Not only are children learning how to communicate through their speech as well as listening but they’re also understanding body language and other social cues. Letting children understand how to communicate well, liaise and direct with others will be a great wait for them to work well in real life.

It improves their confidence. Confidence comes naturally to those who are able to explore different conversations interactions with others. Drama is all about how well a child can talk to others, delegate issues and of course acting. Not to mention that being on a stage in front of hundreds of people can really bring out confidence in children, especially when they hear the crowd cheering at the end!

Drama goes beyond the development of a child’s acting. It shows them how to manage their own responsibilities and teaches them life skills that can also be used in the future.

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