Helping your child develop their critical thinking skills


Developing critical thinking skills is one of the most important things that your child can attain in their life. It is something that will be needed in their future as today’s world is rapidly changing and children need to be able to do much more than just repeat a list of facts. Being a critical thinker who can make sense of information, compare and contrast is what will make them successful. Children are natural inquiries. But in that it is important that they develop their critical thinking skills as early as primary school age and should be made habitual. Here are some top tips on helping your child develop their critical thinking skills.

Encourage your child to learn how to agree and disagree. One of the biggest signs that your child is thinking critically is if they have the ability to agree or disagree to something. However just because your child says that they agree or disagree does not mean that they are thinking critically. To ensure that they are, put them in a position to evaluate and eliminate.

Ask them why they think the way they do. Most of the time children are able to provide reasons for the answers but they are unable to support it. For instant, a child has snatched something from your child, their response could be that they think they should give it back. To encourage critical thinking, you can ask them why they think they should give it back. This will get them thinking further and help them come up with a supported assertion.

Encourage your child to be a good listener. In order to be a critical thinker, you also have to be a good listener. Attempting to understand others and giving them the space to talk and think Is another stepping stone up to developing critical thinking skills.

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