The Simplest Essay Structure


When you write an essay, its structure will depend a lot on the kind of writing you are doing. Simple essays usually have only an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Academic papers have a few extra parts. Let’s learn more about the structure of an essay.

The general structure of any essay:

  1. Title page;
  2. Outline;
  3. Abstract;
  4. Introduction;
  5. Body;
  6. Conclusion;

Using this structure, you are likely to cover the most important parts. However, your instructor might offer other guidelines and structure. Stick to what standards they offer.

Useful tips one should know

Despite the general structure, some parts like the essay’s body, have their separate structures. Since the body is the main part, it also has some subcategories. Every paragraph in this category requires at least four sentences. Each paragraph covers from one to three evidence sentences. If the paragraph has no evidence, there is no point in it.

Regardless of the structure you pick, the three parts mentioned in the beginning are the key ones. They help writers or students to express their point of view or reflect on the discussion. This is the best way to state the arguments and facts as well as drive to the conclusions.

Other elements of the essay bear a little different character. They exist to help structure the document and avoid plagiarism. Yet, they assist in delivering the main message or stating your point of view. References and proper citations help avoid plagiarism issues.

Aside from that, it’s important to know how to format every part of the essay. Each element has certain specifications and guidelines. When you start learning more about the essay’s structure, go to to find all the needed details.

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