Suggestions for students to attempt the Class 9 Science Exam effectively


Students have been gearing up for the last moment preparations for their final board exams. At this stage, students may be in a dilemma about which part of the chapter is remaining, whether one has gone through the topics thoroughly or not, missed out any points etc. Science is not a subject which can be understood and learnt in the nick of time. 

It requires a stable foundation and a lot of regular repetition to master it—the need to practice diagrams. Furthermore, it seems to be a nightmare for many students. Practising is an essential way that students need to develop, to procure high marks in the subject. NCERT Books for Class 9 Science is the best study material available for the learners. Moreover, as expectations are often high, students are required to perform exceedingly well to stay ahead and mingle with the tough competition. In this situation, self-study and regular Science class might not be sufficient to surpass academics. Students who wish to secure high marks in their board exams can refer to NCERT textbooks. Concepts are explained in a simple and understandable language through examples and some of them through illustrations, wherever necessary.

A few tips on how to prepare for Class 9 exams:

Plan accordingly, and organize all the study materials required to prepare for the exam. Have constant practice over the concept. So, to learn and excel in Science, students need to practice, which in turn yield good marks continually. The practise is a key parameter, which will assist you in understanding the subject. Practising as many times as possible helps in building up time management skills and boosts your confidence level. Please make a note of important concepts so that it will be useful during revision time. After completion of each chapter, take up mock tests so that it will be beneficial in remembering the concepts. Try solving previous year question papers. Solving question papers is another method of gaining that extra edge of Class 9 exam preparation. Previous year question papers help you identify the difficulty level of questions that appear in the exam. 

For brushing up the concepts.Studying from these books may lead students to achieve their goals. NCERT Syllabus are developed and prescribed, as per the CBSE board itself. The significant benefits of using NCERT books are as follows:

  • The solutions of each exercise of each chapter are made easily accessible for the students. 
  • The solutions are explained with proper diagrams and illustrations to help students understand the concepts clearly.
  • Students can assess their knowledge gap with the help of these books and study accordingly. 
  • Complex questions are solved using shortcut techniques and explained in easily understandable steps, which provide in-depth knowledge.
  • A wide variety of sample questions are available to solve for practice purposes.

We suggest students visit the BYJU’S website, where students can get step by step answers to all the questions provided in the NCERT textbook. Download the BYJU’S app for a better and personalized learning experience, with engaging video lessons.

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