Finer Details for the perfect part Time and Full Time Jobs



We only control what we know. It is imperative to learn about the company before applying for it, its missions, its organization, its competitors, its history, its news. Familiarize yourself with the company. Why? To reinforce the impact of your cover letter by including factual data on the company and show your seriousness during the job interview.

Also learn about the job market. What skills are required for a given job? What are the average wages? You can search by part time and full time jobs near me and come up with the best deals.

Design A Coherent Career Path

Each CV has a story. The idea is to create 2 or 3 CV templates depending on your applications while structuring a coherent path. Indeed, all your experiences (jobs, internships.) and skills do not have the same value depending on the positions targeted. Since a recruiter only spends 30 seconds reading a CV, you should send him a version that best suits the job offer.

Write A Personalized Cover Letter

The cover letter is used to prove that you understand the recruiter’s needs the challenges of a position and that you are ready to meet them. It must convince in 3 parts:

  • “You”: this part takes up the context of the offer and explains the objective reasons for your application,
  • “Me”: this paragraph explains how your skills and your project are specifically in line with the requirements of the position,
  • “We”: synthesis of your letter, this part presents the collaboration project, what you will do together.

You do not need to rewrite the cover letter from A to Z but changing a few sentences in the “you” and “us” parts is essential to stand out (for example, mention a product or company project).

Prepare For The Job Interview

During an interview, you must present arguments to convince and answer specific questions. To prepare, several tools are available on the Employ Store:

Virtual interview: a simulator to train through various realistic situations,

Participate In Job Fairs

Trade fairs are all opportunities to get in direct contact with several recruiters. Some are specialized for young graduates looking for their first job or by sector of activity: sales, banking-insurance, real estate, health, industry. There are even free online salons available from home on the Internet. In all cases, you should prepare yourself before participating in a fair: CV printing, taking information on companies and preparing your arguments.

The Art Of Networking

In France, 25 to 30% 1 of hires are made through spontaneous applications. And 75% of recruiters are attentive to this recruitment channel 2. You must therefore be proactive during your job search and target the companies likely to be interested in your profile. For this, several digital tools are at your disposal.


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