A Lesson Plan Practically Incorporating Instructional Technology for Studying Skills


Once we educate today as we trained yesterday, we take full advantage of our kids of tomorrow.

-John Dewey

Lesson plan’s considered being an agenda that sets limits for that extent learning the specific place and time with assorted formats based on any educational institutions’ discretion. This presented lesson plan doesn’t state they switch every other formats of lesson plans but instead attempts to essentially introduce what type of lesson may be integrated with simple types of technologies while students engage activities to efficiently refurbish their macro skills and language awareness for effective interaction. Modern learning doesn’t only entail macro skills and linguistic skills but getting this essentials how technology is based in the classroom among learners is essential within the continuously expanding digital learning atmosphere. This semi-detailed procedural lesson plan that adheres for that fundamental and essential areas of a learning blueprint seeks to inspire the creativeness of teachers to include instructional technologies in almost any method it’s possible.

Lesson Request Level B1’s Studying Skill

  1. Behavior Objectives

Inside the finish within the studying training, the B1 students can:


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  1. scan and predict the information within the passage
  1. obtain primary ideas within the passage
  1. gather details found in the passage
  1. create inferences inside the text
  1. use Ms word processing fundamentals
  1. immerse and apply technology-related learning tools
  1. Appreciate using technology to learn
  1. Material


Studying 1: Customs around the world

Unit 2: Customs and Tradition

From Pages 36 & 37

Unlock 3 Studying and Writing Textbook for B1 level

By Carolyn Westbrook

Cambridge Press, 4th Printing 2016

Target Student level: B1 from Common European Frame of Reference (CEFR)

Time Period: an hour or so approximately

III. Materials:

Soft copies of activities for screen and downloads

Hard copies and soft copies of activity sheets

Projector for passage displays

Internet to surf pictures and to propel the Blackboard

Students’ Blackboard account to download files

Teacher’s Blackboard account to upload files

Pc for sophistication activities

  1. Procedure
  1. Preparation

Set all of the materials as tools within the learning and teaching process. Create classroom just as one atmosphere for favorable learning. It’s recommended the conduct objectives or intended outcomes might be underscored for students’ prior awareness.

  1. Motivation
  • The teacher utilizes this portion as being a springboard that links students’ focus on fret while using the lesson.
  • The teacher presents a globe’s picture on the web with no globe. The teacher may further substitute it obtaining a Google map.
  • The teacher displays images of people around the world with varied customary gestures onscreen within the PowerPoint presentation
  • The teacher elicits responses inside the students that these gestures mean. The teacher indiscriminately collates all possible responses and become able encourage students to create recognized solutions utilizing a spider gram and relate their recognized responses for that primary word within the graphic organizer.
  • The spider gram must have an easy copy enlarged getting a projector for the students to accomplish across the place. All responses must be transparent for the students’ queries.
  • Students are necessary to fill-within the blanks when using the classroom computer.
  • The teacher may further ask some customary gestures they do know and could additionally relate the images fot it within the globe presented in class.
  1. Presentation within the lesson
  • Overview some studying essentials utilizing a PowerPoint presentation
  • Provision in the background understanding regarding passage comprehension
  • Delivery of some tips to answering comprehension questions. These ideas are displayed onscreen.
  1. Lesson Proper

Discussions are adopted by activities displayed onscreen. Solutions in every activity will most likely be highlighted, circled, underscored, italicized and colored, correspondingly using the students. Errors of a single students’ could be the errors of others it is therefore advantageous to demonstrate solutions created by students individually. This requires teacher roles and students’ roles. The teacher strives to remain across the concepts of facilitation as opposed to lecturing according to the students” performance exhibited in route.

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