5 outdoor learning activities for children


Children are born inquisitive which makes them innate scientists and lovers of nature. They love to be outdoors, free to run around and explore using the biggest playground around, the outdoors. The different sights, smells, sounds and textures are what makes nature the perfect place for learning. This is something that parents and teachers should take advantage of as stepping outside the classroom will show you that there are endless learning possibilities on your doorstep. Here are 5 fantastic outdoor learning activities for children.

  1. Shadow art. An exciting and relaxing activity that will have your child focused and busy for a good while. This genius idea combines concentration and creativity. Set your child down with a piece of paper, pencils and some objects. Allow them to create the desired shadow and watch them get to work! You can use this time to explain how light travels to your child and how shadows are created.
  2. Gardening. Children love to get mucky so why not let them indulge in some gardening. Show them how to plant their own seeds whilst explaining the process of plant growth.
  3. Leaf painting. Another artistic activity that involves children finding their own leaves and painting them. Begin by using a black marker to draw out the pattern. Next, use different types of paint that will adhere to the leaf and use a fine paintbrush to paint on details.
  4. Use chalk to help them practice their spellings and times tables. Give your child a bucket of chalk and ask them to practice their spellings on the slabs. Set a challenge to see how many they can complete in a minute to make it more fun.
  5. Take a hike. Children love to visit new places so take them to your closest nearest nature reserve for a fun day out!

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