Why Is Delhi-NCR Preferred Educational Destination For Students?


Delhi-NCR, the capital region of India, is a hub for a wide variety of activities in India. It has got the best of the industries, corporates, and educational institutions in India. People from all around the country come here in search of better jobs, a better life, and better education. There are a host of institutions, new and old, that provide quality education at every level, be it primary, secondary, high school, or college. There are also the best of the coaching institutes available in the region. Civil services, engineering aspirants, medical aspirants, etc, all come here to get the best training. A big reason people opt for these institutions is that apart from quality education, they also provide a good exposure to the industry which makes the time and money you spend on these institutions worth your while. There are many government institutions and private institutions to choose from like Delhi university, gd Goenka university, etc.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of studying in Delhi-NCR has as compared to other parts of the country:

The Faculty

Studying in Delhi-NCR means you have access to the best faculty from across the country. Students take gd Goenka university admission 2020 to get trained by the best faculty. The best institutes, therefore have the luxury to choose the very best, highly qualified, and experienced faculty to offer the best guidance to their students. Delhi is in the center of India, candidates, and faculty have easy travel access to it and therefore good faculty abounds here.

State-of-the-Art facilities

Delhi, is a hub for everything. The abundance of experienced designers means that state-of-art facilities are easy to develop and acquire. Most campuses in Delhi like gd Goenka university boast of stocked up libraries, canteens serving fresh food, well-maintained sports facilities, comfortable hostels, wi-fi, latest labs, and much more.

Diverse culture

Delhi is also the cultural capital of India. Events like Ghazal nights, Poetry competitions, etc keep happening in various parts of the city. The colleges also organize such events in annual fests and cultural fests. Students have access to various clubs and societies, both inside and outside their institutes to develop their talent in dramas, dances, singing, etc. Such events break the monotony of the curriculum and help students sharpen their skills as well. 

Internship opportunities

Delhi-NCR has the presence of a multitude of industries and corporates. This ensures that the students studying in the colleges of Delhi-NCR get timely and appropriate internships with renowned firms as well as start-ups. Internships are necessary to broaden the industrial exposure of the student and its also a part of the curriculum for courses like MBA and B.Tech. Getting their student’s good internships makes it worthwhile for students and colleges can justify their fee structure like the GD Goenka fee structure


The key differentiator between two institutes, that students use to compare them. are placements. There are a lot of organizations present in this region which facilitates the placement process. The institutes are able to harness these companies for their placement process. These companies offer lucrative packages to students that meet the metropolitan living standards. Most institutes have dedicated placement cells which invite these firms to the institute. Thus, institutes in the Delhi-NCR region are able to attract more students for admissions like gd Goenka university admission in 2020.


When it comes to educational institutions, Delhi-NCR is a host to several of the best institutes in the country. They provide degrees in varied courses like B.Sc,, B.BA, MBA,, etc. There is the availability of the best faculty of India in the region. Institutes apart from the best faculty, have state of the art infrastructure, which lures students to take admission in them. There are a large number of opportunities apart from academics, like in drama, sports, dance, etc., that acts as an added advantage for students seeking admission in institutes of the Delhi-NCR region. Delhi is hub for industries and corporates as well. This translates to institutes being able to provide good internship opportunities and the placements are also pretty good due to the vicinity of a large number of big and small firms in the city. All, of these combined makes studying in Delhi-NCR a bang for your buck, and students from all around the country and even abroad come to study here.

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