What are the basic features of a Preschool?


Preschool is a basic school where your kids are supposed to develop physical, emotional, cognitive and social skills. it is a place where kids don’t necessarily study, but they are taught to learn things around them. A preschool is a great thing to prepare your kid for an actual school especially when they have such intelligence at a very young age. Take a look here for more.

Nowadays, parents are smart, and their children can outsmart them at a very early age. So instead of wasting their time, you should give them a chance at preschool so that they can flourish more. Here are a few basic features of a preschool. This should give you a hint about what preschool is. Have a look:


  • Age range: Preschool is designed for young children. Those children that are not accepted at elementary school and are under age for a regular school. It can go well for the kids who are in age 3 to 5. Some preschools can even accept below the age of 3. Visit here for more 



  • Grade Levels:just like any normal school, kids are promoted to the next grade or level in preschool. In preschool, they usually teach you the stuff you are supposed to learn in kindergarten. At the start of preschool, there is not much a child can understand but by the time he or she graduates, they know a lot of stuff just like a kindergarten student.So, when your kid is ready for regular school, you might want to take him or her in 1st grade because he or she will know every stuff of kindergarten through preschool. In case you kid has just attended the preschool for a quick year, then you need to take him or her through kindergarten or nursery. 
  • Private and public preschools: most of the times, preschools are private but there are some preschools which are funded by the government. But both the private and public schools are licensed and well under consideration. Government and private all preschools must follow health and safety precautions.They must obey the law just like the government-funded schools. 
  • Location:Preschools are everywhere. Just like normal schools and colleges, Preschools are all spread through the country and city. Every city has so many preschools. Not just in urban areas but you can find plenty of them in rural areas. Some of them are a part of big universities, workplace or community centers.



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