Top 5 mistakes that people do in writing: Jesse Sannicandro


For writing jobs, a person has to be good and efficient with its writing skills. There are multiple ways through which a person cannot just correct the errors but also improve them. The most important factor in writing is the expression of a writer that has to be different for the various topics and content. You cannot use the same format or writing expression for a formal business letter, for a blog or social media posts.

There are some common mistakes that people usually do while writing and that become a big hurdle in the improvement as well. whether you are going to write a blog, social media post or an email consider that errors first to make impressive content.

Here are the top 5 mistakes that are big hurdle and people usually do:


  • Unnecessary long paragraphs


The first and essential part of the content is the introduction. It helps the reader to get a quick idea about the topic that the writer going to address. Usually, writers go with the long and unnecessary paragraph. It fails to build the interest of the reader in content. As well as not up to the writing standards. Make sure to go with the concise and to the point paragraph structure to engage the reader.   


  • Use of passive voice


Writers use too much passive voice in sentence structure. It makes interaction long and wordy. As well as put the subject back at the end. To make the writing good, the writer should use active voice structure. For the blogs, email content and promotional content active voice give good expression.   


  • Wordy sentences


While writing, commonly, writers use too many words to increase the length. Make sure the purpose of writing content is to increase the interaction not to raise the word count. Always use proper and relevant words in your content. It improves interaction and engages the audience very well.  


  • Forget about linking


For good writing, it is necessary to write whole content in a systematic format. Sometimes the writer loses the linking with the background or goes off track from the topic. It fails to deliver the information and you can easily lose your reader. Make sure to develop a proper layout before start writing. It helps you to stick on topic, includes all the necessary information and your content will go in a stream.  


  • Fails to use Punctuation  


The use of punctuation in writing will save you a lot. It helps to deliver the writer’s expression to the readers. As well as helps to understand the feelings, empathy, and tone. So, never neglect the use of punctuations in your content.

Final words!

Here are some but a lot more likely mistakes are done by the writers, that spoil the effort and lose the reader’s interest. Make sure the writing with the proper flow and right expression deliver the information and a source of social interaction. When you are done with the content summarize it well with a proper conclusion.         



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