Tips & Trick to study for NEET exams effectively and effortlessly.


Competitive exams have always been tough on students. The pressure to crack these exams in order to get the college of your choice can become very pressurizing for the students. One of such exams is NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) which is the entrance test for students who want to pursue medical. This test is usually conducted after your 12th boards, on a National level and based on your score you can get admission into medical colleges. It is an MCQ based test on subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology along with a negative marking system. The syllabus usually consists of both 11th and 12th subjects of the science stream. Hence students usually start preparing right after their 10th boards by joining coaching classes or start preparing by themselves. However it is very important to follow the right method, or else it can become difficult to crack these exams. These exams are highly competitive as they are conducted on the National level and it consists of Negative markings as well. Here are a few tips that will help you to crack these exams easily –

  • Realistic and achievable time Table – It’s very important to study our own self first before studying something else. Hence making sure that you are not over promising yourself is very important. Make sure that you make a realistic time table for your home study and follow it religiously. Take a notebook and note down things such as, what are going to study, be study hours, what syllabus you want to cover, How are you going to divide the syllabus etc and make a timetable for yourself.

  • Selecting the right method of studying – People usually guide us about what to study, but they often forget to answer How? Hence make sure you choose the right path for studying based on your convenience. Many students find it very hectic to manage between college and coaching classes. Hence to bridge this gap, Fliplearn has come up with a student learning app that helps the students to prepare for these exams online. The app has some brilliant features such as concept maps and personalized learning tools which help the students to understand the concepts better. They also have access to a vast library of ncert solutions that help the students to get maximum practice of paper solving before they sit for exams.

  • Taking care of yourself – Don’t forget to include your own self in your time table. Make sure you eat healthy and maintain a good sleep schedule. Having proper sleep is very important because it helps to retain whatever you have studied so far. Also make sure to include sufficient breaks in your schedule. Including any form of physical activity also helps, as it releases feel – good endorphins and increases productivity. If you still feel the pressure is too much for you to handle, try meditating and talking to your friends about this.

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