The Best Time To Start Your Acting Career – A Guide For All Ages 


Maybe the day has come when your kid has reached out to you to talk about their dream of being a movie star – or maybe you see your child having an acting potential that could make them reach the top. However, you might be hesitating because you are not quite sure what the right age is for people to start out an acting career. And with kids, you need to be extra careful before trying out for such a huge decision. 

Now truthfully, there is no one method where you can tell when is the right time for your child to start their acting career. Every child is different so there is no set rule that tells the perfect time for their careers. But if you are sure that your child is meant for the world of acting, allow us to provide you with a list of tips that can help your child be the best they can be under the spotlight. 

Ages 0-4 

Being in this age group makes teaching a difficult process – your child needs to have a pleasant disposition and can be held by other people without crying. And for toddlers, it is important that they should be able to follow instructions and be personable. 

Ages 5-7 

Around this age, alot of kids become more aware of their acting environment. Most of them can grasp the concept of the play acting and will also know how to behave themselves on set. Plus, this is also the ideal time when your kids will need to start memorizing their lines – so it would be a great idea to rehearse lines with your kids to see how well they can do their part., This way, when they get to audition, they will be more comfortable due to having the ideal practice needed to prepare for the audition. 

Ages 8-11 

Most veteran actors believe that this is the perfect time to get kids into acting as this is a time when they are pretty good at reading and learning their lines, with more discipline during practice. It also helps to have your child take on acting classes if your child is in it for the long run with their career. 

You can see an ideal example of one of the best actors of our time who started their career out as a child. Robert L Harris, who is also better known for his stage name Robert Harris, is a highly acclaimed American actor, producer, musician, and entrepreneur. 

His passion for acting came into being during his days at the church when he would sing there during his childhood years. His voice had immediately captivated the audience and not long after, talent agencies from all over the nation were reaching out to him all the time. 

After much contemplation, Harris finally secured a recording deal and eventually started performing as a voice over artist with Disney and on The Sandlot. Harris had also ventured into the food industry around 2012 to 2013 – broadening his horizons and seeing where they would take him. However, his acting career never stopped and you would constantly find him appearing in baby commercials, leading him to gain many awards over the years for his exceptional performances since the beginning. 


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