Starting your first Data Analytics project would feel like an alien concept if you have no sense of direction. It needs to be well-guided, and a road-map needs to be prepared to get the best experience out of it.

If you think learning only the basics will land you your first Data Analytics project, you are misguided. What we learn in Data Analytics courses in Mumbai and tutorials is different from what we apply in the industries.

Here are ten things that you should know before you start your first project as a data scientist:

  1. Be prepared to do a ton of data cleaning.

Scott Nicholson once said, 

“I kind of have to be a master of cleaning, extracting, and trusting my data before I do anything with it,” and that is right. “Data” is the core of the entire critical thinking and examination process. Therefore, you should not avoid investing energy to make your data valuable.

  1. Hypothesis generation has more significance than it seems.

Hypothesis generation is an essential part of your project, so don’t put less effort into that. In the industry, you’ll be doing research several times with several teams in this field.

  1. Model deployment is important.

You can’t expect to excel in this field if you are not good at coding. You also cannot get away with learning programming for a successful career in Data Analytics. You need to learn some conceptual software engineering, i.e., computer programming and computer science skills.

  1. Linear regression can help you better than advanced neural networks.

You need to understand the problem, the type of data you will deal with, and what you need from it – a model with higher accuracy or a simpler model that helps you with variable attribution?

  1. Learn other data-based fields. 

Data Analytics is called the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’, but to get that, you have to get your hands dirty in many related fields like machine learning engineer, deep learning engineer, data analyst, business analyst, data engineer, etc.  

  1. Get ready to fail if you are not ready to explore.

The most important step that many data scientists miss out on is data exploration. It helps to understand and analyze datasets at a vast level.

  1. You need a benchmark model to crack it. 

Building a benchmark model is the most crucial and effective job, and it doesn’t even need any prior machine leaning to get built. A benchmark model for regression is easily buildable by using simple means, and a classification model is buildable by mode.

  1. Proper infrastructure is the key.

Proper infrastructure is a must. Most (approximately 85%) of the projects end up failing due to poor infrastructure, which shows how important it is to have basic infrastructure.

  1. Arrange buy-in from stakeholders before launching a Data Analytics project.

A project should have a clearly defined statement for the problem and the expected outputs for higher satisfaction. Also, it should be the same for all stakeholders.

  1. The ability to break down business problems is precious.

You need to understand the business, and for that, your structured thinking skills, along with the client’s demand, will always lead you to success.

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