Princeton Vs Kaplan: What is the Best Prep Course for MCAT?



If you are one of those pre-med students planning to get started with your MCAT prep and unable to figure out which course you should sign up for, this post is absolutely for you. Yes, after hours of tiresome research on Kaplan vs. Princeton Review MCAT, we are finally here to share our expert’s insights regarding both the courses. Let’s check them out before you randomly sign up for one!


One of the most notable reasons why many students prefer Princeton Review to the rest of the MCAT prep courses is- the quality of the instructors assigned to trach the curriculum. They are experts in their field and have the capability to offer the best of their expertise in the particular area they teach. 

However, on the other hand, Kaplan offers a handful variety of MCAT tutoring programs as per the requirements of the students at a very pocket-friendly price. Besides, they have the quality instructors ready for private booking and available for both online-based and in-person sessions. 

Classroom Time:

Now, when it comes to the actual classroom time assigned for the MCAT prep course, Princeton Review seems to be ahead of its competitor Kaplan. For MCAT, the most popular course offered by Princeton 

The review includes 44 hours of classroom time while you have the option to choose their ultimate course containing much higher classroom time. Kaplan, on the contrary, claims to offer the best quality study materials within a finite amount of time, which is indeed a turn on for many students.


As mentioned earlier, both Kaplan and Princeton Review are a very prestigious organization providing quality education materials for various college entry exams. And, there’s no doubt that both of them are offering their best within their specific criteria. 

While many students praise highly for the quality of the instructors of Princeton MCAT, Kaplan is also promised not to compromise with the quality of their study materials though offered at a much lower price.

Practice Questions:

No matter whether you sign up for the Kaplan MCAT online course, one-on-one session, or in-person tutoring session, you will have access to the complete 7-book subject review offered by Kaplan. Besides, they offer several practice tests along with more than 8,000 practice questions, which is four times higher than Princeton Review.

Free Trials & Pricing:

As you will be spending your hard-earned money, Princeton made it easier offering free resources before you make any financial commitment. And, what is most astonishing is- even their free resources include practice tests, strategy sessions, and video lectures covering different aspects of the MCAT exam. 

Now, when it comes to pricing things, Kaplan has a variety of MCAT courses offered at a reasonable price. But, compared to the Princeton Review, Kaplan MCAT courses are next to free while Princeton MCAT courses are well-known for their high cost and, of course, high quality.

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