Planning To Choose Between PCM or PCMB After Class 10?


After the 10th grade, choosing a particular career may seem difficult for some students. Students usually decide to keep the vast majority of choice and then consider the subjects. This does give options but also at times, it makes it a bit difficult to filter down to one subject. If a student plans to choose PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Maths) they can prepare for JEE, Aeronautical Science, Industrial Designs among few others, post their 12th. Many students are unsure about what direction to take when faced with many career options. Eventually, they want to keep multiple career options open in case another fails.

Since math is a central subject for engineers and doctors, one might need to still study math as one of their subjects. 12th is time-bound when it comes to career building. We all can feel the pace at which every subject & concept is revolving around us. Hence a doubt solving tool like a math solution app or physics solution app can come in handy to deal with the race.

Here are a few tips that can help you decide between PCM & PCMB as your career-defining subjects.

  1. Be Practical:

PCMB might open all the career options for one however it isn’t a particle choice. From Medicine to Research to Business to Social Science, one can explore a wide range of career options after 12th. But this can get difficult if one chooses to do PCMB while studying 12th grade. Additionally, it can be challenging as you would be preparing for boards and entrance exams. Hence depending on your career choice, you can decide what subjects are practical for you.

  1. Swinging Between Both:

The main benefit of taking PCMB is to be able to appear in both the JEE and the Medical examinations in case one career option fails. Hence it is advisable for students to understand which subjects can lead their career path. Opening to all the general subjects is a smart idea but students should also plan ahead to keep up with their specific career-based subjects. Opting for PCMB or PCM has its own pros and cons. For instance, competitive exams! You might be still confused about which one to appear and you appear for both the engineering & medical exam.

It gets a little challenging to juggle both the exams since only a few people can excel in it. And it also requires lots of mental preparation and hard work to appear and clear both the examinations.

  1. Hard Work:

With the combination of subjects in PCMB, the memory becomes sharper as you would be introduced to some of the hardest technical theories, scientific concepts, and practical queries. With school studies, entrance exams, and coaching sessions, a student who chooses PCMB will have a very busy schedule because it will require much effort. Therefore, one should also decide whether one can handle it or not. However, when planned and disciplined properly, preparation can be effective.

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