Know your Child’s Development with these few Tips


Every guardian or parent wants the best in the world for their children. They try to provide a safe and comfortable environment for their perfect growth. However, providing everything is not enough. It’s also important to know that the child is growing healthily and soundly. That’s why parents are keeping track of their development.

Early childhood development(พัฒนาการเด็กปฐมวัย, which is the term in Thai)is responsible for a lot of skill developments and physical health of a child. Hence, keeping a track of this period is very beneficial.

Listed down below are the Areas that are Assessed and Developed during Early Childhood:

  • Social –Interaction of an infant with people helps to develop the personality
  • Communication –Whether it’s speaking or using non-verbal cues, a child begins to adopt them early
  • Movement –Major movement or physical development takes place during early childhood
  • Cognitive Behavior –A child’s learning, thinking and problem-solving skills start showing the signs in Early childhood development,this can define whether a child will be a slow learner or not

Let’s see what are some of these Developments include

·       2-4 Months

Kids between this age group start showing social skills such as smiling, looking at parents, following movements, focusing on sounds, etc.

·       6-9 Months

Kids start developing a personality type as they start preferring certain things over others and recognizing faces

·       1 Year and Above

This is where crucial development starts as they begin speaking and following instructions. As they grow up, they start showing a range of emotions, become more curious and can understand the functions of fundamental things around them such as spoons.

After the age of 4, the development of hobbies starts as they show interest in several things and become keen on exploring.

These are the stages where parents need to notice any major change in the children, be it in any personality or physical. This helps to catch the need for any medical or psychological help for the child.

It’s better to keep a medical or psychological record of a child from the beginning. I would suggest getting it done by a professional. Keep family pediatricians and child psychologists who can keep Development Assessment Form(แบบประเมินพัฒนาการ, term in Thai)and helps your child in developing skills that can be easily developed. They can also suggest some activities that you can do with your child to keep a check on them.

Another great benefit of Development Assessment Fromis that these reports help in the education of a child as admissions for special programs can be made based on them.

I know they grow up so fast but keep a track of that.

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