How To Write An Mba Dissertation?


Mba dissertation or Master of Business Administration dissertation is an academic paper submitted in fulfilment of Master of Business Administration degree.

Mba is one of the most popular university programs today. Reason is that the demand for professional business managers is continually rising making it highly competitive. Mba students must prove their worth through writing excellent mba dissertations.

Main Objective Of Writing An Mba Dissertation

The purpose of an mba dissertation is to gauge the scholar’s ability to condense information he/she has learnt and ability to apply research skills with the aim of achieving high profile business careers.

The course usually takes two years to complete, however part time and long distant students may extend one more year or more. Mba dissertations are usually long and are considered major academic assignments. As a scholar, you must complete and fulfil all the requirements set by the examining committee before your masters dissertation is considered successful. In addition, even after spending sleepless nights, there is no guarantee that your mba dissertation will qualify. That is why you need professional assistance in writing your paper.

How To Write An Mba Dissertation

Before you start writing your mba dissertation, first submit an mba dissertation proposal. The purpose of dissertation proposal is to give the examiner an insight of the mba dissertation topic or statement of question you will handle, how you will conduct the research and what you intend to achieve.

Your mba dissertation proposal must be approved; otherwise, you might have to design a new one until accepted. Note that mba dissertation writing is purely based on experience. Having worked in the business sector for over two years, finding an mba dissertation topic from an area of interest should be easy.

When writing your mba dissertation, use the following guideline

  • General structure- title page, abstract, acknowledgements, table of contents, list of tables, introduction, literature review, materials and methodology, findings/results, data analysis, discussion, conclusion and recommendations, references and appendices. Each section should be written in a separate page
  • The standard length of mba dissertation is 20,000 to 25, 000 words.
    There are two main approaches to choose from when writing your mba dissertation. These are quantitative and qualitative methods. Qualitative focuses of definition and analyzing meanings, events, situations as well as understanding the processes. Quantitative research on the other hand focuses of research methodologies, statistical figures. can assist you identify the most suitable mba dissertation topic and structure to use in your dissertation.

Challenges Of Writing Mba Dissertation

Just like research paper and doctoral thesis, the biggest challenge is identifying the most suitable mba dissertation topics. Masters dissertation usually contains new findings and therefore finding a topic, yet to be researched is not easy. Thankfully, with the help of professional writers at, it takes less than a day to customize several topics for you.

Do you desire to complete writing your mba dissertation successfully? Are you tired of wasting semester after semester designing a new mba dissertation proposal? Are you looking for useful sample mba dissertation and mba dissertation examples?

We shall ensure that your mba dissertation is written to suit your needs. They will work with whatever formatting style you desire (MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabain, ASA, Harvard and more. Additionally, you can order custom written Doctoral thesis, undergraduate academic papers and more at an affordable rate. You can get executive part time MBA from Aventis.

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