How Long Does It Take To Complete A NEBOSH Qualification


Being a working professional or student, it is natural that every individual wants to complete their NEBOSH course soon. The prospect of studying this course may seem quite challenging and like a long-term investment. Even though there is a lot of work that is involved, it is achievable, beneficial and can save lives. Depending on the qualifications you want to attain, you will pay different prices and need different amounts of study time. Read on to know how long it takes to complete a NEBOSH Glasgow course. 

NEBOSH Qualifications

There are different NEBOSH qualifications that one can study from beginners’ awards to industry-specific awards through the internally and nationally recognized diplomas and professional qualifications. The course you choose will depend on the information that you already have, your previous knowledge, and whether you want to develop a career in the health and safety field.  Each qualification needs time to achieve but the timeline varies. 


NEBOSH Awards, for instance, the Environmental Awareness at Work Award or the Award in Health and Safety at Work usually takes a few days to complete. In most cases, the course attendees will have to take time off work to complete this course and the sit the examination at the end of the specified days. This is a short NEBOSH training Scotland course that takes a few days to complete and is an excellent option that gives many employees a basis of health and safety knowledge. 

NEBOSH Certificates

There are several NEBOSH certificate courses available. They allow students to study more and in detail. They include industry-specific courses or courses that offer more specific aspects into the health and safety field. These certificate courses include:

The National General Certificate

The National Construction Certificate

The National Fire Certificate

The National Health and Wellbeing Certificate

The Environmental Management Certificate

The Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence

The International Oil and Gas Certificate 

The International General Certificate

These certificate courses require 1 to 10 days of study, but are completed between two weeks and three months. They require more investment in time and energy and are ideal for professionals who are using or are responsible for some aspect of health and safety in the work place. Ideal candidates include managers, supervisors and professionals who are building a career in health and safety. 

NEBOSH Diplomas

NEBOSH Glasgow diplomas are more substantial and professional qualifications that take lots of study time. The NEBOSH National Diploma is an equivalent of a degree-level qualification and it requires 27 study days. However, many learners usually take about 9 to 36 months to complete the National Diploma. With this diploma, you can apply to be a graduate member of IOSH enabling you to then become a chartered member of IOSH. In addition, you can become a member of the International Institute of Risk Management use MIIRSM designation after your name.

The duration of study of your NEBOSH training Scotland course will depend on the course that you choose. Some courses can be complete in days or even a number of years if you want to. The NEBOSH courses play a key role in ensuring that everything and everyone in the workplace is safe and compliant with set laws. 


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