How Is E-learning Creating A Difference In The World


There has always been a contentious argument about the efficacy of traditional education. Many experts have blamed the loopholes of the conventional education system for the rising unemployment in several countries.  

Traditional learning has some critical problems, including:

  • Lesser learning insight- Students only learn from the limited text of their syllabus without any strategized and structured teaching method that can provide extensive exposure to the young minds. Deep insight into the topics helps improve cognitive abilities and retention of information. On the contrary, you can check out any CBSE learning app to get more information about the issues that arouse your interest. 
  • Less interaction between students & teachers- Teachers are not at immediate reach in on-campus studies. Many students are shy to raise questions when in doubt during physical lessons.
  • Different capabilities of students- Not everybody has the same grasping capabilities, so teaching students with other cognitive abilities simultaneously and expecting the same result sounds very unreasonable. Instead, studies need to get personal attention to learn at their own pace without feeling demotivated.
  • Inferior skill development- Due to lack of exposure and real-life implementation, it becomes difficult to gain skills that can make students employable in the eye of recruiters. So, developing industry skills is imperative thus, you can access the best experts to learn skill development. 
  • Unavailability of quality education- Education impacts how we think and portray ourselves to the world. Poor quality of learning is adversely affecting the future of the students. Students face real-world challenges and fierce competition after school, making quality education extremely important. Unfortunately, it is hard to find experienced teachers, adequate study material, and other factors in traditional education. 
  • Geographical restrictions – Traditional education is limited to the local area. Students cannot choose their preferred universities as their geographical location acts as a significant impediment. However, you can install an e-learning app to learn from experienced professors from anywhere in the world.
  • Highly Expensive- On campus, courses can be pretty expensive as they include the maintenance charges, tuition fees, transport, utilities, accommodation, food costs, books and study materials, etc. So, students are finding online learning more viable than traditional education. Moreover, students can avail good quality study material on any learning app on the internet.


The ed-tech industry witnessed a steep surge in revenue during the pandemic as online learning became the only solution for schools to continue education. As a result, the industry is booming, regularly with a wide range of scope and innovations. Students who learn online have performed exceptionally well because of the scores of resources available online. Some of the leading ways how online learning is the new normal are as follows:

  • Comfort- Online learning offers you to learn at the comfort of your home. You can attend your morning lessons while relaxing on your couch, sipping your favorite coffee. 
  • Accessibility- Anyone with a proper internet connection can quickly access education from any nook and corner in the world. Teachers can reach out to more students, which broadens the horizon for students.
  • Advanced skill development- Wide exposure ensures skill development with advanced teaching methods and study materials. 
  • More scopes- It offers a wide range of measures and provides them with multiple opportunities to grab. 
  • Broader perspective- The 360-degree exposure broadens the horizon for students so that they can think out of the box. 

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