How far business administration courses in Singapore turn helpful to students?


Singapore provides a superb exposure to students about International Economic setting and students who undergo a business administration course from this place get outstanding exposure to the world markets. Hence, when students opt for business administration courses Singapore, then they get 100 percent in return for their money. Some students wonder whether they can get engaged in part-time jobs in Singapore while studying or not?

Students should know that part-time jobs aren’t allowed in this country and these jobs are strictly forbidden. They are against the law too. But, the bright thing is most of the universities and colleges do have job fairs due to which students find no difficulty in getting jobs in Singapore. After students finish their academics, they are required to go through campus interview and it is relevant for most colleges and universities.

The eligibility criteria

Students must be careful regarding the below-mentioned factors when they take into consideration the matter to take admission in a business administration course:

  • The applied candidates should possess a bachelor’s degree from a well-known institute or a university that has a strong academic record.
  • The candidates should possess working experience of minimum of 2 years for pursuing a business administration course in Singapore.
  • Students should necessarily get at least 2.8 CGPA at their graduation level.
  • A few universities take into consideration the scores that students get in GRE, IELTS, GMAT, and TOEFL.
  • IELTS or TOEFL scores become mandatory for those applicants who haven’t finished their undergraduate studies in English.

The process of application

  • Students can get online application forms in college websites.
  • The applicants who are applying online need to submit nearly 3-4 essays regarding themselves besides their educational qualifications and work experience. This will aid the institution in evaluating their language skills and thought process.
  • The applicants must also submit various supporting documents as well as application fees and it can be paid through Master Card/Visa or check.
  • Post the application gets completed; the applicants should check their status of admission online.

The post study choices in Singapore

In Singapore when you accept a proposal for a job prior to your finishing of studies then the employer will be needed to apply for the employment pass instead of you. An employment pass remains valid for only some years, between three and five years. This visa is connected with the work you are doing. Hence, when you are employed by the employer you will find the work visa to be effective.

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