Don’t Let Anything Stop You From Learning New Skills


People not living in India’s big cities have often felt like gaining access to resources to gain new skills means they would have to move to the city or simply forget ever picking up that skill. “Hum kaise computer chalana sikhe” are often thoughts of what people living in rural areas might have if their hometown does not have a training center or if they are unable to access an online course. However all these feelings of not having access to the means of learning new skills is something of the past with the help of technology. As smart phones and mobile internet services become more accessible and cheaper to the general public, apps that focus on teaching people who are eager to pick up new skills are now widely available.

Josh Skills is that one app aiming to make these courses available to everyone who felt that learning new things was not possible for them. Yeh khayyal aaya hai ki kaise english bolna sikhe? This is exactly the plan behind Josh Skills, to make learning to speak english easier for everyone. However they did not want to stop with that, instead looking to help people develop skills that would help people with all aspects of their lives.

This app is for everyone who not only wants to brush up on their known skills but also if they want to learn something new. Josh Skills ke saath tum computer chalana, paise sambhalna, personality behatar karana aur bahut saari alag cleeze sikh sakte hain. Inke sath hi content writing, digital market aur public speaking ke courses bhi hain.

Some other great features of the Josh skills app are that each day you will get one lesson containing audio and video instructions to help with your learning. Josh Skills ke classes mein apne din ke sirf 15 se 20 minat bitane ki jaroorat hai. Their content is from different levels too and you will get different tests and assignments to monitor students’ progress. Every course is well planned and executed – for example in the speaking english course, students record and send in their answers to help with any hesitation of speaking english.

Isiliye khud ko behatar banaane ke beech aney wale kisi bhi bhahane ko badava dena aur sochana bandh kar de, apna phone uthaiye aur seekhna shuroo karen. It has never been a better time to start learning the basics of computers, to speak english, invest your money or improve your personality. Toh aaj Josh Skills app download kare aur padhna shuru kare apne mobile phone se.

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