8 Key Advantages of Online Learning


Advancements in and improving access to technology have dramatically altered the educational landscape. School and learning opportunities no longer necessitate hopping on a yellow school bus early each morning. The same ‘one size fits all’ approach to education has changed with online learning with these 8 key advantages.

1. Location

You can truly be located almost anywhere in the world and still access an education. You can travel with the different seasons and enjoy all the world has to offer. If family members have obligations in other locations, online learners can grab their devices and join on the journey.

2. School-Life Balance

Combined with the ability to travel, online education offers a better school-life balance. Learners have more flexibility in their day, which allows these students to pursue other interests. If you want to ski in the winter, you can travel to the mountains and set your school schedule around optimal times on the slopes.

3. Saves Time

Think of the hours that traditional brick-and-mortar students spend coming and going to school each day! All of those travel hours are returned back to the student’s day by online learning. More time can be devoted to actual learning!

4. Healthier Living

Online learners have more control over their daily schedule. Therefore, a schedule can be created that allows for time away from the screen and engaging in healthy pursuits. Additionally, online learners can eat their meals at home that they prepare, which can be much healthier.

5. Develop Time Management Skills

Without a teacher setting schedules and keeping learners on task, each student needs to develop their own time management system. Each learner can develop their own method of organization instead of having to follow what the whole class is doing.

6. Saves Money

Cooking and eating at home will save learners money. High school and college age learners can save even more money. They won’t be driving themselves back and forth to school, which saves gas money and reduces their carbon footprint! With more choices in classes, students will not waste money on courses that are not relevant to their learning.

7. Reduces Stress

Setting up your own comfortable workstation adds to the comfort of learning in your own home. The chair, the desk, and the device can all be situated to make learners relaxed. Not having to share and force a fit will reduce stress. Also, much of online learning can be completed at the learner’s pace, which will increase the student’s self-confidence and reduce stressors that are part of traditional learning.

8. Greater Access to the World

Not only can students travel the world while participating in online learning, but they can also learn with worldwide classmates. Online classroom discussions will be much richer with the participation of people from around the world. Students from diverse backgrounds, other cultures, and different experiences can meet each other and share parts of their world. This provides a great opportunity for students to learn more about others and gain an understanding of the world.

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