Moving with Ellie

Dear all,

It feels like I’m always starting with thanks, but I suppose that’s an inevitable part of running a charity.  In any case, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to contact us at The Eleanor Rose Foundation for any reason, whether it be to offer a specific service, to volunteer help in a more general way or simply to point us in the direction of something we might find useful.

I’ve also got to apologise for taking so long to find and approve the lovely comments that many of you have posted on this site lately – they go for moderation to Ellie’s email which I only check occasionally. As you know she was very diligent at responding to you all and for those of you who write to me via the charity website ( I’ll do my best to match her efforts.

At the moment Written Off still has the furthest reach and is the best way for me to communicate news of the charity, but I don’t want to take the site over with this entirely. It was Ellie’s outlet when her social world was shrinking and I want it to remain hers, so if you want to remain engaged with her story and what we’re doing to continue her legacy then please contact me on The Eleanor Rose Foundation website and ask to be put on the mailing list. I’ve also set up a Facebook page for the charity, so if you ‘like’ The Eleanor Rose Foundation on Facebook you’ll get all our latest updates, and we’re starting a Twitter feed too.

Getting Ellie’s Friends initiative up and running is still our main focus, and we’ve just started working with a design company to build the website. It’s great to get offers of services while this is happening so that we have something to build with and then when we go ‘live’ it will hopefully snowball. I had the thought that it might be nice to give donors the option to say whether someone in particular has inspired their contribution – it could be Ellie herself, but equally it might be a friend or family member that has passed away and in whose memory you want to give something to others.

Professor 'Hope', Justin Stebbing

New charity patron, Professor ‘Hope’, Justin Stebbing

We’re pleased to be able to announce that Professor Hope, who Ellie finally revealed as Professor Justin Stebbing, has agreed to act as a patron for the charity. Despite being a battle-hardened oncologist he has told me how much Ellie’s circumstances touched him and we feel honoured that someone of his stature is supporting our cause.

Finally, I know that some of Ellie’s readers were also people living with cancer and it’s people who find themselves in this situation that we really want to help. If you have the time and energy we’d really appreciate you taking our online survey about Ellie’s Friends to let us know which areas we should be focusing on and how we could do things differently. The link is below:

I think that just about covers it for now so I’ll say a final apologetic thanks and hope that as many of you as possible make the leap to corresponding via our charity website and following our Facebook updates too.

Take care,