10 Things to Learn from Digital Enterprise Management Course


Digital technologies are transforming and disrupting industry after industry. Many organizations are pursuing large-scale change efforts to capture the benefits of the fast-paced world. The proceeding changes in today’s business environment are forcing the organizations to adopt the new normal. The Digital Enterprise solution aims to deliver a framework that ensures the implementation of cutting-edge technologies in businesses with high-quality and security. 

For the business leaders of tomorrow’s digital business world, India’s only One-Year MBA in Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) course offered by IIM Udaipur introduces the professionals with management concepts and leadership styles required in the emerging digital markets. The article discusses the components of this Digital Enterprise Management course. 

Currently, the set of IT solutions are already designed to make digital businesses fast, optimized and seamless. Enabling internet microchips in everyday objects or means of production – the digitization of the economy is in full motion. The reason is the parallel digital world where not only people but machines also exchange information among themselves. That’s why in the Digital Enterprise Management course, we teach “Fundamentals of Digital Enterprise” complemented with the fundamentals of business management and the right dose of solving business problems.

Digital transformation is said to change the business world almost as quickly and sustainably as maximizing the business value using technology. The dinosaurs (large corporations) of their days such as Kodak or Nokia have gone in recent years. Whereas, companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple and Netflix, which have used the digital change, have blossomed.

The world is getting digitized and will change business models, the working style of people and the way we are living now. It is imperative to leverage and shape this digital transformation – and we offer you the opportunity to learn quantitative methods and creative thinking with our Digital Enterprise Management course.

The tailor-made program merges leadership, innovation, strategy, decision-making and entrepreneurship with almost equal weighting. This program provides a well-rounded exposure to the emerging technologies that are in demand in the corporate world. The Digital Enterprise Management course consists of components like Fundamentals of Business Management, Fundamentals of Digital Enterprise, Data Analytics & Technology Management, Digital Industry Practices and Solving Business Problems. In the program-specific part, you will learn and acquire skills in the following:

  • The Digital Enterprise Management course introduces professionals to multiple emerging technologies of IoT, Blockchain, Cloud and helps them understand how to drive profits in the businesses
  • The course provides a deep dive into different Analytics techniques that help business leaders make better data-driven decisions
  • Students will be working on company-sponsored technology and analytics projects for practical experience
  • Additionally, students will also get the chance to work on a live company project as part of the Design Thinking coursework to improve their processes using Design Thinking techniques learned in class
  • The students will be able to develop a sound conceptual base of core business courses and be able to use them in the context of technology by the end of this course
  • The program helps students understand the implications of technology on business processes
  • It helps students acquire the skills and knowledge needed for emerging digital business enterprises by making them practise through case studies and practical lab projects
  • It helps learn new and emerging technologies to solve business problems
  • Regular interaction with industry experts help students become future leaders
  • The core business management fundamentals help students acquire managerial expertise in Digital Enterprise 

Indian Institute of Management Udaipur‘s first-ever One-Year MBA in Digital Enterprise Management is explicitly aimed at professionals who would like to comprehend how to manage digital systems and make data-driven decisions. 

Be a part of  India’s only One-Year MBA in Digital Enterprise Management course to develop future leaders who will drive the digital economy!


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